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Celebrating 5 Years – blog Bible Study

Postings are now Closed Thank you to everyone for your blessed participation! Basic Christian – Full Content Celebrating 5 Years – Basic Christian: blog Bible Study PDF blog Bible Study 2009 – 2010 PDF blog History Study 2010 – 2012 In the later summer it will have been five years since the 2009 start of […]

blog Update

Update 9-8-2013: on Facebook I posted this Article link The Truth About SBC Voices Friends, read this article quickly as it will likely disappear soon. There is only one reason this got published; namely, Dave Miller doesn’t know much about computers. Due to a massive oversight I…. sbcvoices.com and from another blog site this excellent quote […]

Update – August 2013

Greetings! Currently the Basic Christian Ministry is continuing to do more of the work offline, in improving and upgrading the existing ministry resources and files. Many of the files have been updated and improved but all could use some more improvement though it’s uncertain just how much more each project will be improved. The best plan would be […]

Preview – Jesus Walk 2014

Note: the first internet post of the Basic Christian Ministry, back in April of 2001 on the Basic Christian Discussion Forum via a community website called ‘Delphi Forums’ was the posting of a much shorter [compared to the current PDF version] Jesus Walk 2001 Easter 10 Day Timeline Devotional. Jesus Walk 2014 Starting Friday April 11th […]

More Discernment of Calvary Chapel

Real friends don’t let others be neglected, abused or taken advantage of Each of these Ministries was previously involved in the Calvary Chapel system. Including the Basic Christian Ministry — Graduate of CCCM SoM Class of 1998 Ephesians 5:11 Blog — multiple links and exposés CalvaryChapelPastors.wordpress.com — exposés Remnant X Radio — Seed of the Father […]

Brief Update – July 2013

Headings Bible Project The Headings Bible AV (KJV) project has been completed and is available in PDF, Docx, Epub and Mobi. Note: the original project of the Basic Christian Internet Ministry was to create a Commentary KJV Bible. The blog Bible Study (PDF), the blog History Study (PDF) and the just completed Headings Bible (KJV) are all projects […]

Update – June 2013

Update: the Summer 2013 Project a KJV Bible with verse headings is currently in progress and available at BasicChristian.net The Basic Christian Ministry is going to slow the blogging and posting schedule at The-Jesus-Realm.com blog during the remaining summer months. There are several projects being worked on most notably the 2013 Holiness Summit and the 2013 […]