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3C Christianity

Presenting Personal Relationship Christianity A new era of modern Christianity – Christianity for Christians … 3C Christianity – Evangelical Christianity 3C Christianity is 3 Confession Christianity i.e. the 3 Confessions or 3 Sacraments of Christianity TriUnity (3 in 1) Father, Son (Jesus Christ), Holy Spirit ~ 2 Corinthians 13:14 3 Confession (Sacrament) Christianity Confession ~ […]

The Pierre Statement 2015

The Pierre Statement on Biblical Doctrines by Confessing Christians – A Declaration of Faith Note: once the current article ‘Areas and Doctrines’ is adequately summarized with about 25 Areas and Doctrines that are central and relevant to the Christian faith – The article is going to be made open to participation from others and for […]

Celebrating 5 Years – blog Bible Study

Postings are now Closed Thank you to everyone for your blessed participation! Basic Christian – Full Content Celebrating 5 Years – Basic Christian: blog Bible Study PDF blog Bible Study 2009 – 2010 PDF blog History Study 2010 – 2012 In the later summer it will have been five years since the 2009 start of […]

An Explanation of Critiquing Calvinism 2014

I’m not saying that I agree with or even understand everything in these two audio messages that I posted. On balance the messages are a fair and accurate description, diagnoses and remedy regarding the current downfallen and misguided condition of modern American Christianity especially pertaining to the (humanist, pragmatic and misguided) modern Cult of Calvinism […]

Critiquing Calvinism 2014

Critiquing Calvinism 2014 A look at the foundational doctrinal errors in the modern day non-biblical Cult of Calvinism I’m going to keep this article short and to the point though the more that Calvinism is examined the more evident it becomes that Calvinism has serious and extensive doctrinal inconsistencies when compared to the Bible and Calvinism […]

Emerging End Time Deceptions

Postings Closed Until Further Notice! The year ahead Feast Schedules will still be maintained here. Update: Emerging End Time Deceptions – Social Justice, False Alliances, Biblical Text Tampering Related Issue: BYU’s Problems in Using Accurate Footnotes BYU Professors vs. LDS [Cult] Leaders: Who Has Authority to Interpret Doctrine for [LDS] Members? YouTube. Chris Rosebrough’s F4F Show […]

Holy Feast Schedule for 2014

The 3 Feast Groups of Israel Deuteronomy 16:16 Three times in a year shall all [those who desire to] thy males appear before the LORD thy God in the place which He shall choose [i.e. Temple Mount]; in the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Passover – Holy Week), and in the Feast of Weeks (Pentecost), and […]