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Evangelical Feast Schedule 2019

Evangelical Feast Schedule 2019 The Judeo-Christian Evangelical Feast Schedule for 2019 Holy Week (Passover) – Friday April 12, 2019 —> Easter Sunday April 21, 2019 The Feast of Pentecost (Shavuot) – Sunday June 9, 2019 The Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah) – Sunday Sept. 29 – Tuesday Oct. 1, 2019 at sundown in Jerusalem, Israel […]

The 3 Holy Feast Seasons

The 3 Judeo-Christian Feast Groups Explained! Three times in a year shall all [those who desire to] thy males appear before the LORD thy God in the place which He shall choose [i.e. Temple Mount]; in the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Passover – Holy Week), and in the Feast of Weeks (Shavuot – Pentecost), and […]

Pentecost – Feast of Trumpets

Pentecost 2018 – Feast of Trumpets 2018 There are several longstanding blatant errors and misconceptions regarding the Feast of Pentecost #1. Pentecost isn’t 50 days after Easter it’s 50 days (7 weeks + 1 day) after the Passover Sabbath (Saturday the day before the Feast of First Fruits, aka Easter) or 49 days (7 weeks) […]

Wolfhart Pannenberg

Updates: April 15, 2018 Theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg (1928-2014) Wolfhart Pannenberg (2 October 1928 – 4 September 2014) was a German theologian. He has made a number of significant contributions to modern theology, including his concept of history as a form of revelation centered on the Resurrection of Christ, which has been widely debated in both […]

The Resurrection Life

Updates: March 12, 2018 The Resurrection – Life Truths That Transform – Is There Really Life After Death? C.S. Lewis on Longing (in The Weight of Glory) C.S. Lewis words this argument more succinctly in Mere Christianity: “Creatures are not born with desires unless satisfaction for these desires exists. A baby feels hunger; well, […]

Evangelical Holy Week 2019

A Ten Day Journey with Jesus Christ Christianity for Christians – Reality and Faith United Presenting a New Era in Modern Christianity! Holy Week 2019 Starting Friday, April 12th 2019 until — Easter Sunday, April 21st 2019 A Timeline, Devotional and Biblical Explanation of the Events of the Original Ten Days of Holy Week Jesus […]

Final blog Post

Celebrating 20 Years of Christian Service Ministry 1998 – 2018 But all of you are come unto Mount Sion (Zion), and unto the city of the living God, the Heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of Angels, To the general assembly and Church of the Firstborn, which are written in Heaven, and to God […]

Ambrose Epistle to the Ephesians

Updates: March 3, 2018 Introduction to the letters of Saint Ambrose LETTER LXXVI At Irenaeus’ request S. Ambrose points out the scope of the Epistle to the Ephesians. Therein is proposed to us a heavenly inheritance, a seat in heavenly places together with Christ, Who has obtained freedom for us. It sets forth to us […]

Billy Graham 1918-2018

Updates: February 21, 2018 “I Can Only Imagine” A Tribute to Billy Graham Billy Graham’s Funeral March 2, 2018 Billy Graham Library – Billy Graham, famed Christian evangelist, dies aged 99 Source: A private family prayer service will be held Saturday morning. Beginning Monday, for at least two days, Graham’s body […]

The Age of Disinformation and Conjure

Updates: February 4, 2018 The Age of Disinformation and Conjure Kennedy Classics – The New Tolerance YouTube Dr. James Kennedy mentions that society has transitioned from the “Age of Faith” (Christian belief in God) to the “Age of Reason” (belief in reasonable scientific explanations) to now the “Age of Tolerance” (how every idea is considered […]