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Celebrating 5 Years – blog Bible Study

Postings are now Closed Thank you to everyone for your blessed participation! Basic Christian – Full Content Celebrating 5 Years – Basic Christian: blog Bible Study PDF blog Bible Study 2009 – 2010 PDF blog History Study 2010 – 2012 In the later summer it will have been five years since the 2009 start of […]


The Bible study is dedicated in the name of Jesus, Christ, God, Son, and Savior May the Lord Jesus Christ be honored by our devotions, our study and in our fellowship. May all the people be blessed and grow in the grace and knowledge of the love and presence of God our creator and our […]


Gospel of Mark [the 2nd Gospel of Jesus Christ] – Mark’s Gospel opens by proclaiming, “The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the son of God” This opening statement immediately reveals who Jesus is, and tells readers the point of the entire book {Note: The Gospel of Mark is considered by Papias (AD […]


Background Book of Luke – The book of Luke gives us the most complete look at the life of Jesus – Luke uses eyewitnesses as sources for his writings – He stresses Jesus’ humanity and compassion as well as the power of the Holy Spirit and of prayer – Theme: Jesus Christ as the perfect […]


Gospel of John: The Son of God – A Gospel foreveryone – John has been called “the single most influential book of the New Testament” – “For many Christian people the Gospel according to St. John is the most precious book in the New Testament it is the book on which above all they feed […]


Background to the Book of Acts – The book of Acts has traditionally been called the Acts of the Apostles and this can be a bit confusing because the contents is not about all the apostles, but primarily on the life of Peter (Chapters 1-12) and Paul (Chapters 13-28) – Rather than a history book […]


The Books of Romans, Galatians and Hebrews are being grouped together and presented as a Trilogy of Systematic Theology by the Apostle Paul The three books were written by the Apostle Paul with the primary audiences being the Roman Empire, the remaining Gentile world and all Hebrew/Jewish Christians. — Romans –> Roman Empire, Galatians –> […]