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Hoax Alert: Codex Sinaiticus

Source: Chris Pinto of NOTRadio – Dr. Daniel Wallace on Codex Sinaiticus Monday, July 29, 2013 at 8:19PM NOTRadio The video (YouTube) [at the 2013 Eastern Regional Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, held at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary (LBTS), Dr. Dan Wallace of Dallas Theological Seminary — Oops, the Liberty Baptist (LU), Ergun and Emir Caner […]

Preview – Jesus Walk 2014

Note: the first internet post of the Basic Christian Ministry, back in April of 2001 on the Basic Christian Discussion Forum via a community website called ‘Delphi Forums’ was the posting of a much shorter [compared to the current PDF version] Jesus Walk 2001 Easter 10 Day Timeline Devotional. Jesus Walk 2014 Starting Friday April 11th […]

More Discernment of Calvary Chapel

Real friends don’t let others be neglected, abused or taken advantage of Each of these Ministries was previously involved in the Calvary Chapel system. Including the Basic Christian Ministry — Graduate of CCCM SoM Class of 1998 Ephesians 5:11 Blog — multiple links and exposés — exposés Remnant X Radio — Seed of the Father […]

Re-Post – TANC Confrence 2013

TANC Annual Conference on Gospel Discernment and Spiritual Tyranny 2013 TANC Conference Links for Friday, Saturday and Sunday June 21-23, 2013   Update: TANC 2013 Media links and a Video round table wrap-up where Paul, Susan, John and Zach discuss the 2013 Conference.   TANC blog Article with links. Speakers: John Immel, Paul and Susan Dohse *It looks like […]

Basic Christian – Holiness Summit 2012

Re-Post of the 2012 Basic Christian: Holiness Summit Holiness Summit 2012 — The Plan for the Basic Christian: Holiness Summit 2012 is going to be to have 10 sessions (i.e. based on the 10 smaller wash basins of the Temple) that we can wash in as our offerings to God during the Holiness Summit – […]

Basic Christian – End Times Summit 2012

Basic Christian – End Times Summit 2012 Re-Post of the Basic Christian: End Times Summit 2012 Update 01-27-2012: There probably won’t be enough time to have an End Times Summit before Holy Week 2012, so the schedule is going to be to work on Jesus Walk 2012 and a few other updating projects this Spring and […]

Basic Christian – Holiness Summit 2014

 Basic Christian – Holiness Summit 2014 In the previous Holiness Summits and the End Times Summits many of the examples were given as illustrations of our current ongoing Christian Walk of Faith in this life. In this current Show Bread edition of the Holiness Summit it is intended that all of the Show Bread items […]