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Background Pastors Chuck Smith Sr. and Brian Broderson – Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa in Santa Anna, CA Source: – Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa filed as a Articles of Incorporation on Thursday, December 21, 1961 in the state of California. Source: – Chuck Smith [replaced an unknown pastor and] started pastoring at […]

Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) 2013

Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) 2013 in Houston, TX SBC Annual Meeting  2013 June 11-12 in Houston, TX SBC Pastors’ Conference 2013 June 9-10, in Houston, TX © 2013 Houston’s First Baptist Church Pastors’ Conference Speakers Bruce Frank Pastor Biltmore Baptist Church Arden, NC Governor Mike Huckabee [Governor of Arkansas 1996–2007] Host of “Huckabee” on Fox News Channel (FNC) […]

NWO – World Court Introduction

Update: I have more postings to do regarding the ‘house of cards’ that TULIP Calvinism doctrine is comprised of but considering that the blog is going to go on an extended hiatus for the Summer it seems like a better option to continue the Calvinism examination later in the coming Fall.  NWO – World Court […]

John Calvin – Calvinism Examined and Exposed

The Biblical unlimited “Day of Atonement” for all vs. John Calvin’s selective ongoing limited “vows” in measure and scope “limited to the measure of grace bestowed upon us” Atonement Note: the quote “limited to the measure of grace bestowed upon us” was written by John Calvin regarding vows and is used in context with the atonement […]

Reblogged from: Fatherless Children in the Church – False Teaching by Jon Courson

Reblogged from: Fatherless Children in the Church Website: Fatherless Children in the Church FALSE TEACHING BY JON COURSON Because Jon Courson is so knowledgeable of the bible, he can twist scripture to accommodate whatever message he wants to communicate to the church. 2 Peter 2:1-3 “…there will be false teachers… many will follow their destructive […]

April 2013 – Posting Hiatus

— On Break – Hiatus — The Basic Christian Ministry is going to be on an extended hiatus from daily blogging. The Basic Christian Material as it is written is intended to be a resource for Christian study and discussion. Please consider referring the Basic Christian materials to others and also consider using the Basic […]

The Judaeo-Christian Priesthood

The Judeao-Christian Priesthood the eternal Melchizedek Priesthood [comprised in part of the promises, priesthood, holy feasts, covenants, laws, adoption and glory] is the framework for the interaction and a relationship between the Holy God and a sinful people. Jews-Israelites: the Jews are to worship the God of their forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, be physically […]