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The Four Dispensations of The Bible’s New Testament

Summary: The Apostle Paul’s Journey to Rome – The Four Dispensations of the Times since the 1st Coming of Jesus Christ seem to have been mapped out and enacted throughout Paul’s Journey to Rome — 1. The Apostles Dispensation (Acts 27:1-5) — 2. The Common Christian Church Age (Acts 27:6-44) — 3. The Martyred Saints […]

Update: Ministry Plans for 2013

Holy Week 2013 (Easter) 10 Day Timeline Devotional Starting Friday March 22nd 2013 until — Easter Sunday March 31st 2013 Holy Week (Easter) 10 Day Timeline Devotional is located here  After Holy Week and Pentecost Both of the 2013 Summit events the ‘Holiness Summit’ and the ‘End Time Summit’ are as usual scheduled to take place […]

FBC Jax Watchdogs: James Duncan Interview on Fighting for the Faith Radio Program

Reblogged From: FBC Jax Watchdogs Readers – below is an hour-long interview of Dr. James Duncan, conducted on 1/14/13 by Chris Rosebrough of the Fighting for the Faith radio program. In the interview Dr. Duncan describes what he learned during the discovery process of his lawsuit against Perry Noble and NewSpring Church, which was settled […]

Paul’s Passing Thoughts: How Political Landscapes Lead to Spiritual (Select Group) Oligarchy

Reblogged From: Paul’s Passing Thoughts It may not seem like the present Obama administration could ever have anything in common with the present-day New Calvinist movement. But not only has there been stranger bedfellows in the past, there are always reasons for such alliances. I’m not much of a political animal, but I also recognize that […]

Arminian Perspectives

Reblogged From: Arminian Perspectives An Arminian Response to C. Michael Patton’s “The Irrationality of Calvinism” Part 1: The Set Up Posted on January 16, 2013 by kangaroodort C.Michael Patton is the President of Credo House.  He has now written two separate and similar posts defending the “irrationality” of Calvinism as actually being a strength of […]

Church Abuse Updates January 2013

Reblogged From: SGM Survivors Why Sovereign Grace Ministries SGM (CJ Mahaney) Doesn’t Like Victims By Kris, on September 2nd, 2011 Awhile back, some of us got to talking about what would possibly cause pastors in Sovereign Grace Ministries churches to have responded the way they did in situations like “Noel’s Story,” “Wallace’s Story,” and “Taylor’s […]

Paul’s Passing Thoughts: The 2007 John MacArthur Controversy “It’s the Judgments, Stupid”

Reblogged From: Paul’s Passing Thoughts “Here is what many are missing: you can’t separate the gospel from eschatology [End Times]. Your eschatology [End Times view] will be consistent with your gospel or inconsistent [with your view of life].” Who can forget James Carville’s motto to keep people focused in Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign? “The economy, […]